Contagion by Erin Bowman


Hello again, friends. After an impromptu break, I am back with more reviews for you. First up, a brilliant scifi horror YA that you wont be able to put down.

Contagion Cover

When an SOS is received from a remote and secret research facility on a faraway planet, the company in charge of the research facility dispatches the closest research team already in the field (albeit on a different planet in a different system) to perform a search and rescue. And so the unqualified group finds themselves getting ready for stasis on what will be a two month trip to a planet that once, and may again, kill an entire colony of people.

When they arrive, the team searches for survivors. But what they find instead is more frightening than any of them could have dreamed of. Or is it? The secrets they brought with them become as dangerous as the things waiting for them on the planet.

Contagion is a brilliantly executed novel that feels like the opening salvo of an epic waiting to happen. Parts of the plot will be very familiar to fans of the movie franchise, especially the second film. And the queer content  is subtle in a way that provides representation as a given in the universe. I highly recommend this book and am very much looking forward to it’s sequel.

Find this book on: Goodreads

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