Lesbian Pulp Fiction: Part 2

Lesbian Pulp Fiction Cover

Today we continue with a few more of the stories from the Lesbian Pulp Fiction collection selected by Katherine V. Forrest.

Appointment in Paris by Fay Adams

Havok lives with her aunt in Paris after both of her parents and her grandmother passed away. In Paris she meets Marcelle, an intoxicating woman who, despite the efforts of those around them, seduces Havok completely.

The King of a Rainy Country by Brigid Brophy

When Susan and Neale come across a nude picture of Cynthia, they are both immediately smitten and intrigued. Together they embark on a quest to find Cynthia.

Three Women by March Hastings

This heartbreaking tale tells the story of Byrne and Greta. Best friends and lovers since school, the two women find ways to be together even when the rest of the world would keep them apart. But the world is hard, especially for women who love other women, and no life is ever easy.

Find this book on: Goodreads

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