Short Story Selections 2018 Part 2

At these times I find that short stories and novellas are the perfect solution. If you have just a short time to go between books, but no full length novels to start, short stories are the perfect length to fill the gap. Below are a few of my favorite short stories and novellas that I’ve read over the past year.

Lost Boy, Found Boy by Jenn Polish

lost boy found boy cover

I can guarantee you two things about this Peter Pan retelling. First, you’ve never read anything like it. And second, you will love it.

Set in the future, Lost Boy, Found Boy is the tale of a young, transgender Peter who is desperate to save his love, Mir, from service in the military. In an effort to do so, Peter programs a holomatrix into an island, Neverland; an escape from the war where Mir can achieve their dreams of flying without risking their life. With the help of computer interface Tinker Bell, Peter first builds his sanctuary world, then goes about trying to find Mir in the wide cyber network that connects all holo-systems.

Representation: Trans character, Nonbinary character

Find this book on: Goodreads

Sing to Me by Becca Lusher

sing to me cover

In a garden at the edge of the world, the Aekhartain (human’s who have become accidentally immortal) make their home. Dóma has lived in the garden a long while when Freyda first arrives, and finds herself taken with the newcomer. Dóma makes it her mission to help Freyda adjust to her new home, and over time the two develop a friendship that blossoms into more in this wonderfully written novella that will have you wanting to read more of

that connects all holo-systems.

Representation: Trans character, Nonbinary character

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Alchemy by Marie S. Crosswell


Alchemy cover

Alchemy is a gender-swapped Sherlock Holmes tale featuring a female Sherlock, Watson, and Lestrade. When someone starts killing the homeless of London and leaves clues on the body specifically targeting Sherlock, the detective throws herself into the case. With each new body comes more evidence meant to frame Sherlock for the murders, and the detective becomes determined to clear her name and stop the real culprit before he can hurt anyone else.

While working on the case, Sherlock also finds her personal life changing. A long time friendship seems to be turning into something more, and Sherlock must confront some of her own fears in the process.

Representation: F/F relationship, Asexual character

Find this book on: Goodreads



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