Short Story Selections 2018, Part 1

If you use your local library as much as I do, or just read as much as I do, you may experience the problem of having time without books to read. I frequently will finish a set of books but not have any new holds available yet at my library. Or I have holds waiting for me to pick them up, but have nothing with me to read until I can go pick up the new books.

At these times I find that short stories and novellas are the perfect solution. If you have just a short time to go between books, but no full length novels to start, short stories are the perfect length to fill the gap. Below are a few of my favorite short stories and novellas that I’ve read over the past year.

A Taste of Honey by Kai Ashante Wilson

taste of honey cover

Politics and romance always seem to clash, especially for LGBTQ folks. That’s the basis for this lovely novella by Kai Ahante Wilson. A Taste of Honey follows Aqib bgm Sadiqi, cousin to the royal family of Olorum, as he finds himself falling in love with a foreign soldier. The soldier, Lucrio, has come as part of a delegation from Daluca to negotiate trade. The problem with this budding romance? While Daluca, where Lucrio is from, is an open society when it comes to relationships, homosexuality is considered immoral in Olorum. Aqib and Lucrio have to hide their relationship. And as the political negotiations begin to wind up, the two men must decide whether to separate or find a way to stay together.

Representation: M/M Romance

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Something to Remember by Elliot Junkyard

something to remember cover

In this short, sweet little story, we follow Emma’s last night at home before traveling to study healing magic with one of the most famous mages in the country. Accepting the apprenticeship means leaving behind her partner, Sky, for several months. As excited as Emma is about the opportunity, she finds herself hesitating on this last night before she leaves. Sky, ever the observant partner, recognizes this and has planned a special night for them both to remember across the months until they can see each other again.

Representation: F/nb relationship, Queer characters, Lesbian character, Nonbinary character

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Welcome to Your Afterlife by Stephanie Rabig

welcome afterlife cover

Renata is a banshee, but she also works to help with the intake of newly arrived deceased. Renata shows them the ropes and helps them adjust to the afterlife and their assigned roles. Abbie is the latest arrival assigned to Renata, and she has been assigned the wrong role. You see, Abbie is asexual. She doesn’t experience sexual desire, and is even averse to physical touch sometimes. But her file says she’s been assigned to the role of succubus, a being that feeds on sexual energy. Together, Renata and Abbie embark on a mission to correct this oversight. And along the way, they find themselves falling in love.

Representation: F/F Relationship, Asexual

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The Cybernetic Tea Shop by Meredith Katz

cybernetic tea shop cover

Clara Gutierrez doesn’t like to stay in one place very long. She works in one place for a while, saving up what little money she can, but she always eventually feels the itch to move somewhere new. She has just moved to a new city with her sarcastic and rude little robotic hummingbird, Joannie when she meets Sal. Sal owns a small little tea shop not far from Clara’s new job that serves lunch. Sal is also an android. Her original owner died several centuries ago, and Sal has continued to operate the shop in her memory and honor. When Clara comes into her shop, it’s a meeting of fates. Sal has been having technical issues and Clara is both skilled and willing to help. As the two spend more time together, they find themselves becoming friends, then perhaps more. Together they learn that their past doesn’t need to define them, and that sometimes it’s OK to move on.

Representation: F/F Relationship, F/Android Relationship, Asexual

Find this book on: Goodreads


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