Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston

Heart of Iron Cover

Anna is an outlaw. Saved as a child by the famous Captain Seige, Anna has grown up on board the Dossier helping the crew to run illegal transport jobs. She is also searching for a cure for her best friend, who is losing his memories.

D09 (“Di”) is a Metal. One of the only free (or rogue, depending on who you’re asking) Metals left. All the rest have been reprogrammed to be part of the HIVE. Di was found in an escape pod with Anna, and though he has no memory of what came before their time on the Dossier, Di has taken it upon himself to be Anna’s guardian and friend. As much as he wants to protect Anna, however, he cannot keep her out of danger when he starts to glitch and Anna becomes solely focused on finding a cure.

Jax is a pilot. He is also one of the last of the Solani, a race who used to be able to read people’s futures with just a touch. Jax doesn’t care about his past though. All he cares about is flying. And keeping his friend Anna out of trouble. Even though he can never seem to say no to her when she asks him to fly her to a clandestine meeting so she can steal coordinates to what might be a cure for Di.

Robb is the lesser son of a noble family. His brother is destined to be named Emperor and his mother will do almost anything to see that happen. Robb flunked out of the Academy and is always being chastised by his mother for not living up to the family name. The only thing Robb cares about is finding out what really happened to his father the night the last Emperor and his family died in a fire. His search brings him to a shrine where he hopes to purchase coordinates to the lost ship his father was last reported on before he went missing.

If you’re looking for a thrilling chase across the galaxy, with twists, turns, and a little bit of romance, check out this book. Ashley Poston builds a delightfully intricate but at the same time easy to understand world that both pulls the reader into the action and hints at more to (hopefully) be elaborated on in a sequel.

Those who enjoy(ed) The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue will also enjoy this book. While it’s  a different genre, it follows the same style of a group of individuals racing to solve a mystery that their adversary would do nearly anything to keep a secret.

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