Echo After Echo by Amy Rose Capetta

Echo CoverThe classic Greek tragedy Echo and Ariston is Zara Evans’ favorite play. When she wins the role of Echo in the newest production of the play, Zara is thrilled and nervous. She is an unknown, not yet graduated from high school. But famed director Leopold Henneman chose her for a reason. She must have what it takes.

Zara will soon learn that learning her lines is the least of her challenges. The Aurelia Theater has many dark secrets. When first one, then another person associated with the production is found dead in the theater, Zara is left wondering whether they were really accidents, or maybe something more sinister. As Zara looks into the deaths, the theater’s secrets begin to unravel.

At the same time Zara finds herself falling in love for the first time in her life. The lighting assistant, Eli, also wants to know more about the deaths, the first of which was her mentor. As they spend more time together Zara and Eli find that they have more than a desire to solve a mystery in common. Despite a “no distractions” order from Henneman, Zara can’t stay away from Eli, and young love threatens to put both women in even more danger than they already were in.

Echo After Echo is a thriller that, while set in the unique setting of a New York theater, will feel familiar to many. Amy Rose Capetta weaves together the wonder of young love with the subtle, twisted dangers of being a young woman in a world controlled by powerful men. I myself was completely enthralled by both, and their relation to one another. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mysteries and thrillers.

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