Who is Vera Kelly? by Rosalie Knecht

Vera Kelly Cover.PNG

This spy novel is not like other spy novels.

Wait. Hang on. That sounds very “he wasn’t like other guys.” Let me try this again.

If you’re a fan of spy novels (especially Cold War era spy novels) but are tired of only male protagonists, then this is the book for you. And if you’re not a fan of spy novels, but want to give one a try (*points at self*), then this is definitely the book for you.

The book follows Vera on her biggest mission yet. Embedded in Buenos Aires just before a political coup, Vera is tasked with gathering intelligence to help the US influence the coming political turmoil and prevent the Soviets from doing the same.

At the same time, readers also learn about Vera’s life leading up to her recruitment by the CIA. From a troubled childhood to the underground gay scene in Greenwich Village, Vera has not had an easy adolescence. So when she turns out to have a natural skill for electronics and a CIA recruiter shows up shortly after this discovery, it seems almost too good to be true.

But Vera will need more than just the ability to discretely record government officials with long range listening devices. When the government coup happens sooner than expected and her handler is unable to pull the right strings to get her safely extracted from the country, Vera must take matters into her own hands. This means trusting some of the very people she’d been tasked with manipulating.

Vera’s attempts to escape the country take readers on a thrilling and dangerous ride that will leave even the most skeptical enjoying this queer, period spy novel.

Find this book on: Goodreads

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