Hello World

Well, here we are.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am M and I will be your resident bookworm here. My literary mission in life is to find, and read, all the best LGBTQIA books out there. If it’s queer, I’m reading it. If it’s SFF, even better. And if it’s good, you’ll hear about it here.


A little about me…

I’ve been a geek and a nerd almost my entire life. I absolutely thrive on SFF in all forms. Books, movies, comics, video games, and recently (how did it take me so long??) D&D!

I followed that love of all things geeky into a career in tech, and I currently work to build really cool systems and software for a company you probably don’t think of when you think of tech.

But wait, I can hear you say, you mentioned LGBTQIA books above. Where does that fit in? Well, dear reader, you’re right. I am indeed a member of the community, both in terms of gender and sexuality. How specifically is an ever evolving organism in this wonderful world that is exploring new, more accurate words every day. You can just think of me as me gay (or queer if you’re fam).


Well, that’s the important stuff. We’ll learn more about each other as we go on this journey, I’m sure. So let’s get started.


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